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Favourite summer memories – adventures with SJ

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This week SJ went back to nursery. She was off for a bit over three weeks. For most of this time Edd was still working on his PhD thesis, so we didn’t go on holiday. However, we had lots of little mini adventures.

I really loved having SJ with me all day. On Tuesday morning when she was going back to nursery for the first time after the holidays I was pretty sad. She is so fun to be around. Also, this was the last summer just us – next year her little sibling will be around as well!

I am so so excited for this baby to join our family but there is a part of me that feels a little sad about the end of this chapter in our family life as well.

Some moments from our summer I want to remember

So, here are some of my favourite moments from this summer with SJ:

  • For the first day of the holidays we made pancakes for breakfast. I really like the idea of establishing little traditions like this to celebrate weekends and holidays and special occasions.
  • Generally, it’s been rather lovely to spend our mornings together, cuddling and greeting the day on the balcony with our books and cups of tea.
  • One big and happy moment was Edd coming home from England after having been gone for three whole weeks.
  • We visited quite a few playgrounds we hadn’t been to and it was so fun, especially if we went together with friends or family.
  • We celebrated SJs second birthday! I think I felt more excited than I am for my own birthday (and I make a pretty big deal about marking another year around the sun). On her actual birthday we had family over plus SJs godmother (slash my best friend) and her daughter. We were out in the garden, the weather was super nice and we had such a fun and chilled afternoon.
  • On the weekend after we hosted a little party with four of SJs friends and their parents. It was a really lovely afternoon, very relaxed and so full of joy.
  • One of my favourite mum friends and me took our girls to an outdoor theatre in Basel. The cycle ride there was already a bit of an adventure. We also got ice creams and visited the nearby playground. It was a great day, but very hot.
  • During the second week of SJs holidays we traveled to the North of Germany together with my mum to visit my grandmother and uncle. The journey was very long, but SJ did really well and it was lovely to see our relatives.
  • We also visited the local pool quite a few times as the weather had gotten veeery hot. SJs joy whenever she is in water is the actual best thing ever.
  • A good friend of mine is one of SJs nursery teachers and SJ absolutely adores her. The three of us met up for a trip to IKEA. Within the first five minutes SJ touched a wall that had been freshly painted. She also got a bit upset that we couldn’t stay in the cuddly toy department forever, but otherwise it was a very fun adventure!
  • Edd handed in his PhD thesis!! He worked incredibly hard. I am very proud of him and happy that he now has a bit more time on his hands to spend with us.
  • The day after submitting the tree of us drove to Freiburg where I had an ultrasound. It was so nice that we could all be there for it. When I had been pregnant with SJ, Edd wasn’t allowed to come to any of the appointments due to the pandemic.
  • On the last weekend of the holidays we went to a big splash park in the Black Forest with some good friends and their four children. We had a really fun day there and it was so precious to spend time together.

I am so grateful for this season of life, for our little family and for summer fun.

Let’s see what adventures the next months will bring!

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