Introducing: Motherhood Mondays

Motherhood Mondays

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When I was pregnant with SJ I was very keen for ‘mum stuff’ not to become the only thing I talked about. I did not want this space to become a mommy blog. One, because it excludes people who cannot relate. And two, because I thought it was so boring.

However, despite reason one still holding true, reason two is… well, motherhood can be mundane, but it isn’t boring. It’s hard. It’s purposeful. Having a child has exposed my own self more than anything I have done or experienced before. It brings out the best and worst. Raising a human is exciting, not boring.

Let me introduce Motherhood Mondays

There is so much to process, to discuss, to think about. So, I decided to start a new series on this blog: Motherhood Mondays. Even if it puts me in the mommy blogger category, ha!

I would love to talk about sleep, mum guilt, breastfeeding, motherhood philosophies, overwhelm, feminism and more. Whatever we come up with really. Maybe I will even interview some people, that would be cool. But we will see what Motherhood Mondays will turn into!

This stuff is important

It annoys me that I myself used to think that “motherhood issues” were of little substance. That they were unimportant. But society keeps telling us that – the work of women so often is belittled, made fun of and undervalued. I know that raising kids is ideally done by parents, but in most cases, mothers still shoulder the bulk of the burden of bringing up children.

I want to honour this work, myself and fellow mums, whatever stage of motherhood they are in. Because raising the next generation is important. It is work that is valuable and costly. And very worth celebrating.

What do you think?

What are some motherhood-related topics that you think about? Let me know if there is anything you would love to read about over here on Motherhood Mondays.

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