SJ at 18 months – what I want to remember

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Back in June last year I wrote a blog post about my experience of motherhood so far. In it I shared how hard and overwhelming (as well as wonderful!) the early months of parenthood were for us. Things are still no walk in the park, but so much easier. I have loved the baby stage so much more than I had anticipated but I must now say: toddlerhood is where it is at! SJ at 18 months is the best yet! (To be fair, I have said this at each age so far!)

SJ at 18 months - we discovered she loves playdough! Reading and hats are her favourite.

At 18 months, SJ is walking and running. She loves to move and it takes a lot of convincing to get her to sit in her stroller or her highchair.

Being outside is the best way forward if her nap was too short or she is otherwise in a bad mood. She has a little tricicle she adores.

SJ at 18 months old

On the playground she loves the swings (which she calls “whey!”) and the slides (also “whey”). The newest achievement is going up ladders and climbing frames. She points up and shouts “hoch!” which means “up” in German.

She is learning so many words right now. It is such a delight when she looks at a book and at every page she points and tells you all about it: Auto, Miau!, Bear, Ball… most of her words are in German at the moment but there are also a few things she says in English such as “teeth”. My current favourite is when she says “One more!” and holds up her index finger next to her mouth. When she does that it’s almost impossible not to play another round of hide and seek or sing “the wheels on the bus” for the fourtieth time in a row.

SJ at 18 months

When we are at home she spends most of her time looking at books. I took her to the library this week and she was SO excited by all the shelves full of books.

Another favourite past-time of hers is standing by the window looking out for her grandparents who live next door. She knocks on the window and waves, no matter if there are anywhere in sight or not.

SJ at 18 months

SJ at 18 months is obsessed with putting on hats. And shoes. Especially if the are not hers – last week she put on my dad’s slippers and tried to walk with them.

Often she picks up a remote control and uses it as a phone, babbling into it and then saying “bye bye”.

I really enjoy her company! She always wants to be by my side and help, whether it is gardening, cooking or sweeping the floors. Most days she will get my hair brush from the bathroom and play with my hair for ages, putting it over my face and then moving it saying “cuckoo!”.

The best moments are when she spontaneously gives me a hug, or comes to sit on my lap or gives me a kiss. What a gift to love this child of mine and that she loves us back.

This is Day 11 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this post. If you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

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