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Prayers at 38 weeks

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Father in heaven, our lives are in your hands. As I am awaiting the birth of our second baby and wondering when labour will begin, you already know each and every day of my child’s life.

I thank you for our family. Thank you for the unexpected joy of motherhood. Please let this coming chapter as a mother of two be marked by more of the same! Fill me with your hope. Give me songs of praise to sing and replace a faint spirit with worship.

Surround us with a community of friends and family that love us and our children. Help me to be real and vulnerable, to ask for help and share the dark days as much as the good.

Let SJ and the baby become lifelong friends. My heart’s wish is that they will be each other’s biggest encouragers. That they will be there for each other on the happiest and hardest days.

Reveal yourself to our children. Let them know your love and the fact that you care for them. Lead them in all things. Holy Spirit, fill them. Even now.

Grant us the gift of sleep. It would be so nice if SJ started sleeping through the night soon!

Bless Edd and my marriage. We don’t just want to survive these next few weeks but thrive. Let our love for one another grow as we marvel at what you created through our union and love.

I pray that you will take away all the SPD symptoms and pelvic pain. I would love to be able to run again at some point in 2024. Please make it possible.

Be with us as I am giving birth to our baby. I really desire to have a natural birth. Please let everything go smoothly. Let us feel your presence. We want to cherish this holy moment of a new life entering into the world. Help us to be fully present for it all.

Lord, let our family be a blessing to everyone we meet. Help us bring your light, love and joy wherever we go and to whomever we encounter. Thank you for all the good you’ve given us. We do not deserve it. Thank you.


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