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Hello from the baby bubble // 1 week postpartum

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First of all – thank you all for your congratulatory wishes and kind messages after we announced the birth of our second daughter last week.

LH is one week old today. And already looks so different from what she did 7 days ago. We are completely smitten with her and so far she’s been really chilled and seems to like life on the outside!

Sibling love

SJ is doing amazing with this big change. I was so worried she would feel jealous or want the baby to go away but she has been nothing but sweet and welcoming towards her little sister. From the first time seeing her she was in love!

The two of them seem to have synchronised their sleep patterns somehow. The past few nights SJ always woke up when it was time for a feed. She sits in bed next to me and watches how LH drinks breastmilk. And then she wants me to lie her down next to SJ so they can snuggle for a bit. It’s unbelievable sweet.


I am still pretty tired and sore but on the whole I feel pretty good. I am trying to take things easy as possible. Other than pottering around the flat a bit I don’t do much. Edd is doing the majority of the housework and takes SJ out most days so I can rest.

On Sunday we went on our first family walk, which was lovely!

After giving birth to SJ I was able to fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes right away, whereas this time I am still quite happy to have my comfy maternity leggings!

One week postpartum definitely still looks quite pregnant but I really don’t mind. I am so glad my body got to house my two wonderful girls, even if everything is a bit saggier now. Ha!

Almost too much

I definitely have had a few teary moments and there were times when Edd and I got a bit stressed or annoyed but the majority of the time we all have just been so happy.

This is what I wrote into my diary on Thursday:

LH and I are about to leave the hospital to go home. The next chapter in the life of our family begins! I am so excited for it.

And I feel so so incredibly grateful for how everything went. It’s almost too much. Like God answered every single prayer and more. The way the birth went. The special circumstances with the midwife student and the kindness she showed us afterwards. How chill and easy the first days were. The utter peace. The kindness of the nurses and staff. SJ being so excited over her little sister. The fact that she slept well at her grandparents house.

All the small details just spoke so vividly to me of God’s love for me. Like he was saying “I see you. I hear you. I love you! You can trust me.” I really can, can’t I? How good he is. I am so humbled and overwhelmed by his grace and kindness. Thank you Lord.

So yeah, so far things have been pretty great. I am sure there will be many days ahead that won’t feel quite so blissful and serene. But I am enjoying each one that does!

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