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Favourite books of the last year

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2018 was a good year for reading for me! Not only did I manage to get through 30 books I also found some new favourite reads.

As promised in my review of the last year today I am discussing some of my favourite books of 2018. If you want to see everything I have read during the last year, you can visit my Goodreads profile. This post will only include 8 of my favourite books – maybe this list will inspire you to add them to your reading list for 2019!

The Physician” by Noah Gordon

Set in the 11th century, telling the life story of a Rob Cole. After the death of his parents, Rob is taken on by a barber as his assistant and student. He learns his trade but with time becomes frustrated that he is unable to treat diseases with any real success. He sets out to travel across Europe in order to reach Persia where he wants to study Medicine. This story has definitely made it into the ranks of my favourite books of all times. Such a gripping story.

The Power” by Naomi Alderman

This book fits into the whole young adult dystopian craze that is going on at the moment. However, it does it in a completely unique way and puts a genius feminist spin on it. Really great read.

Favourite books of 2018

Castle Gripsholm. A Summer Story” by Kurt Tucholsky

I read this one in German but discovered there actually is a translation. It’s difficult to describe the plot of this book because not all that much happens but it is never boring. I am not sure how Tucholsky does this. Reading this book felt like being on holiday, it was really refreshing.

Half of a yellow sun” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

After reading this book I resolved to read more books that are set in countries I know very little about. “Half of a yellow sun” tells the story of the Biafran war from the perspective of different people. It was a beautifully written and at the same time shocking book. Really recommend reading it.

Everything is Illuminated” by Jonathan Safran Foer

J.S.F. has definitely become one of my favourite authors. In late 2017, I read his most recent novel “Here I am” which I loved even more than this one. “Everything is Illuminated” switches between two autobiographical accounts, one tells the fictional history of the Jewish-Polish village Trachimbrod. The other account centres around the author’s quest of finding the remnants and memories of this village. The book is sad and funny and thoughtful all at once.

An Absolute Remarkable Thing” by Hank Green

This book is a masterpiece. A social comment on internet fame and how politics deal with international problems inside of a sci-fi novel. I am not going to talk much more about the storyline as I don’t want to give any spoilers but you should definitely read it. I don’t normally like sci-fi but this has definitely also become one of my favourite books.

Favourite books of 2018

“Becoming” by Michelle Obama

Most of the biographies I have read so far were about people who lived in a different time to myself. I have always enjoyed learning about history through the lens of someone’s life. “Becoming” was quite different and actually really fascinating as it talks about events I experienced (in some way at least) but from another person’s perspective. It also increased my respect and admiration for Michelle Obama, she is a truly remarkable woman.

Das M├Ądchen im Strom” by Sabine Bode 

I read this in German, I am unsure if it is available in English. But it was such a good book that I still wanted to talk about it. The book tells the true story of a Jewish girl who flees to Hong Kong during the Nazi regime. I sometimes struggle with reading books set during the Nazi-Regime as I find it difficult to stomach the horrors people had to endure. However, this book was written in a way that I was able to cope with without detracting from the incredible suffering so many people had to go through.

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