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Hello dear friends and happy Friday!

This post marks day 94 of my 100 days of daily posting! That means we are officially in the last week of the 100 Day Project! I am starting to feel slightly nostalgic already, ha! I will share some more reflections on the past 100 days on the last day but I can already say this: It has been such a good decision to take on this slightly crazy endeavour. It’s been wonderful to write everyday and to connect with so many of you.

Some Friday Favourites

  • Speaking of connecting with you – thank you so much to so many of you who have reached out after reading my post about our miscarriage. I have been overwhelmed by all your kind words. It meant a lot.
  • You might know that I am a big fan of Elise Joy. She has been sharing her progress painting and decorating their living/dining room as part of the One Room Challenge. I feel inspired to take part in the challenge in the autumn and maybe spruce up SJs room a bit. I shall start by creating a pinterest board soon!
  • Elise Joy also shared about some film photography she had done this week. I now really want to pick up a film camera and start documenting our summer with it!
  • How beautiful is Jaclyn Salems cottage garden in Brooklyn? I really want to plant some cat mint. So beautiful.
  • I have been listening lots to this playlist while working. The vibe is a perfect mix of beats and summer and focus.
  • This week I managed to do a little bit of sewing. I have been working on a tank top. The Blomma tank is a free pattern and so far I am really liking how it is coming together!
  • I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts lately. Really enjoyed the episodes of the Lazy Genius podcast with Kendra Adachie and Laura Tremaine talking about friendship. (Part one and two).
  • After the podcast episode I started listening to Laura Tremaine’s new book “The Life Council” which is all about friendships. It’s great so far.

Have you come across anything fun this week you’d like to share? I am always looking for new podcasts or interesting blogs to read. Have a great weekend!

This is Day 94 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this postIf you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

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