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Two years ago I published a recap of my week in the form of “Weekly Journals”. I write them throughout the week and then shared them here on the blog. I recently came across those posts and thought they were a nice alternative to my “Highlights of the Week” posts.

So here we are!



During bedtime I asked SJ “what do you want to thank God for?” And she said “For Jesus. He comforts us. And he comforts Lucy. And he has very strong teeth.”


It’s the middle of the night. L has a tummy ache and isn’t sleeping. This is the second night in a row where I am up with her and I am so tired.

I also feel a bit emotionally drained. There is a complicated friendship thing I am processing. Yesterday I met up with another friend and she is going through a very difficult time and I feel sad and worried for her.

I’m not sure there’s much of a point to writing all this done than – life is tricky sometimes. And it always feels worse in the middle of the night. Hopefully I’ll get to sleep soon.



I feel emotionally exhausted. I am not a crIer. But in the last 48 hours I have shed quite a number of tears. Some for myself and some for a friend who is going through an incredibly difficult time.


Today was a good day. I finished listening to “Funny Story” by Emily Henry. It was so enjoyable – I loved the characters, the plot was great and the narrator amazing.

I walked to SJs nursery with L to pick her up. We went straight from there to a friend’s house for a play date. The kids were a bit tired but it was still super nice to hang out together.



I have felt so tired and emotional today. However, it was a really good day actually. My friend Simone visited us with her baby this morning and we had a lovely time catching up. After she left I dropped by my parents to say hi and talk to them for a while. I went back home, put L down for her nap, tidied up a little and then sat on the balcony to soak up some sunshine.

My aunt and uncle arrived at my parents house a little later and I headed over there with L and SJ to greet them and have some cake. Back at home Edd was waiting for us. We played, had dinner and got the girls ready for bed. I spend the evening listening to “Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls, which is very enjoyable so far and knitting on my Copenhagen cardigan.



Today was lovely. It was a bank holiday, so Edd was off from work. We had a chill morning at home and then went to some of our friends for a BBQ. SJ and their daughter played super nicely together, we had great food and conversations. And the weather was just warm enough to sit outside which was wonderful except for my stupid hayfever. Ha! We rode the bus to and from our friends and when we got off and walked to our house from the stop SJ exclaimed: “that was a beautiful day!” Indeed, it was!



Edd and I had a bit of a date morning today – we went for coffee, looked at books and chatted while pushing L around in her pram. It was so nice.

We had a super relaxed afternoon at home, I knitted a little bit, L had a bath, SJ and I hung up some washing and we had roasted potatoes and fish for dinner.

For the very first time in her life L had some milk from a bottle! Edd gave it to her and it worked really well. I have no intention of stopping breastfeeding anytime soon but I wanted L to get used to a bottle so I can leave her with Edd or my parents occasionally while I go for a swim or my physio appointments.

I am still feeling extremely tired and a bit peopled-out. My plan is to spend the evening sitting on our balcony with my knitting. I am currently listening to a really good audiobook which I’d like to continue. (The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls)



I feel a lot better today. I had a very chilled evening last night. I listened to my audiobook and cast on a new knitting project.

This morning we had breakfast at my parents house together with my aunt and uncle who are currently here for a visit. Afterwards Edd took SJ to see my brother and nephews for a bit. L was sleeping so I had some more knitting and audiobook time on our balcony which was super nice.

When Edd and SJ came back we chilled all together in the living room. In the afternoon we headed to our friends’ house for another BBQ. We sat outside in their super nice garden and had such a nice time. I came away feeling super filled up and relaxed.

Now, SJ is already asleep and Edd is currently putting L to bed. I am about to jump into the shower and then we’ll watch Eurovision together. Such a lovely day!



Do you know this sad feeling on a Sunday night when you realise the weekend is already over? I’m feeling it big time today. It was so nice to have this long weekend with so much time with family and friends.

Edd is currently getting ready to fly to England. I am mostly used to this rhythm of him travelling back and forth but it there are definitely weeks where I wish he could stay here all the time.

We had a good day today though. This morning we tried out a new church and our first impression of it was quite positive. After the service we drove to a field to pick some

Mother’s Day flowers. The afternoon was spent making waffles, stopping by my parents for a bit and phoning Edd’s family.

Even though I don’t feel ready for a new week I am so grateful for this last one. How lucky am I that my family are the people I like to hang out with most?! I am tired and exhausted and a bit emotional but life is good.

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