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Weekly Journal Vol.4 // thrifting, bad days + a garden party

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Sunday // 21:41

It’s time for a happy dance because my Covid Test was negative today! 

Sadly Edd has been having symptoms since yesterday and is positive now. I still enjoyed that we were able to spend time together again. 

This afternoon I sat in the garden with my parents – I love hanging out with SJ but it was so nice to talk to someone who isn’t a baby for a change! 

I am looking forward to be working again tomorrow and for a bit more normalcy in our days. A week in bed sounds nice but it really wasn’t that fun. I enjoyed getting a bit of knitting time and watching the Sewing Bee, but I mostly just felt rubbish and tried to entertain SJ. I am glad this whole thing was over pretty quickly for us! 

Monday // 22:45

First day back at work after a week at home! I mean, I work remotely so don’t get to go to an office but it was nice to be in a different room and occupy my mind with some fresh input! My company is about to relaunch their website. Right now we are moving all of our content across to the new site. “Moving” feels like a good way to describe it: Picking up each piece, thinking whether to keep, change or abandon it. And then finding a place for it. I quite enjoy it!

This evening I did my first ever podcast interview and it actually went so so well. I was a bit worried about it but it was really good fun. I think I definitely have a bit to learn but Jo was actually amazing. It was the perfect start to this project. 

Just loving our balcony so much

Tuesday // 23:11

We listened to the Hamilton soundtrack this evening. It never gets old!

It has so many good lyrics as well. One line always sticks with me: “why do you write like you’re running out of time?” It’s poignant because obviously Hamilton did run out of time. But the reason it hits me is that we are all running out of time. And most of us, at least me, don’t live like it. I don’t write or do anything like I am running out of time. But I kind of wish I did. I want to be as passionate as Hamilton, to have faith that my actions matter. 

Today was a pretty productive day. I did a big grocery shop this morning and also bought some seedlings at a garden store. During SJs nap I worked in the garden with my mum. We got all those little plants into the ground plus a couple of seeds. I am excited to see what will become of my efforts!

In the afternoon we went to a local charity shop where I bought some presents for SJs birthday (she will be 1 year old in less than a month!), two garden chairs, a beautiful dress, a shirt for Edd, a shirt for an up-cycling project, a coffee container and a basket. During SJs afternoon nap I tidied our garage and picked a few blackberries. Then I played with SJ, made a lentil salad for dinner, sorted the washing, tidied the kitchen and also sat on the new chair in the balcony for 15 minutes and read.

Weekly Journal - Charity shop find
One of my charity shop finds

Wednesday // 22:03

Other than a little afternoon nap drama it has been a pretty good day. This morning I tended to the garden a bit. Later, I got some laundry done and played with SJ in her paddling pool outside. I am pretty tired though and looking forward to having an early night now!

Weekly Journal - gardening
Planting some plants

Thursday // 23:05

Today I was so tired and moody. I am not quite sure why… Last night I actually got more sleep than I had in a long time. Still, I felt so groggy and unhappy when I woke up. It was super hot today as well and SJ refused to nap which didn’t help!

I did have a good afternoon and evening though: I took SJ to the local swimming pool to meet a few friends. It was really lovely. This evening (after a harrowing bedtime) I went over to my parents house and my dad and I practiced some songs together – him on the guitar/bass, me on vocals. Was super fun. He is hosting a garden party tomorrow so we might perform a few songs, we will see! 

Weekly journal - making music
Practicing songs with my dad

Friday // 22:37

My dad and I performed a few of “our” songs at his party. Some of his musician friends immediately wanted to book me for a gig of theirs – which was the best praise. I recently thought a lot about how valuable it is to be encouraged and to get feedback from people. So often we see someone do something well but just assume because they do it well and come across confident they won’t need our praise. I think we can never give too much encouragement. Everyone enjoys hearing that you saw what they did and that you enjoyed it. And most people, even when they have a lot of experience need to hear a “well done” from time to time. I want to encourage others more.

// 23:51

I just managed to get changed, go to the toilet, brush my teeth, wash my face and moisturise all with a baby on my arms. Yes, you can call me super Mama! Haha! 

Garden party vibes

Saturday // 22:40

Today was a bit of a mixed day. Edd and I bickered a lot and tried to win a competition at who has the worst mood. However we also took a trip to the local pool with SJ which was so so lovely. Later on we had a BBQ with my family which I really enjoyed. 

That’s life, right? You have wonderful moments and then you get annoyed out of your mind about stupid stuff. Most of the time, things aren’t all good or all bad. And somehow we are pretty good at not enjoying the good, too. Humans are quite something!

The moon was so bright
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