Weekly Journal 2
Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal Vol. 2 // 26 June – 2 July

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After enjoying last week’s weekly journal so much, I decided to do another one!

Sunday // 8:27 pm

After having had so many terrible nights with SJ lately we decided to do another round of sleep training. We are using the Ferber method. I know that people have mixed feelings about this topic but I just need to find a way to sleep more than 4-5 hours each night… let’s see how it goes. This first bedtime wasn’t too bad. Hopefully the rest of the night won’t be either. 

Today was quite a lovely day. Edd got up with SJ this morning so that I could stay in bed for a bit longer, which was needed and wonderful. Whilst SJ had her morning nap I worked on my blog and then we went to our friend’s birthday lunch. It was delicious and super relaxed. And I made friends with the loveliest of dogs. A perfect Sunday afternoon. At home I did some laundry and then visited my parents for a bit.

Me and my new friend

Monday // 10:01 pm

I am feeling utterly relaxed right now. 

Mondays are workdays for me, but I didn’t have a whole lot to do today, so finished a bit earlier. I sorted some laundry, played with SJ, gave her dinner and a bath. Edd put her to bed whilst I went for a swim with my dad. I tried (pretty much successfully!) to keep pace with him and now I am tired in such a lovely way. After swimming I had a hot shower and at home I made us vegan burgers for dinner. Perfection! Haha.

Also – I am so so glad we decided to give sleep training another go. Last night was tough but tonight it took her just ONE minute to go to sleep. Why did we not do this earlier?

I think I will fall asleep soon but until then I will knit a few rows on my hope socks and listen to a podcast.

Tuesday // 09:11 pm

I can’t believe it is only Tuesday. Somehow this week has felt longer, but in a good way… I don’t know. Maybe it is just that the last two days were weirdly productive. 

Even though I adore being SJs mum, I do struggle with feeling so unproductive often. I know that playing with her, feeding her, changing nappies etc. isn’t really unproductive but I can’t really say at the end of the day “look at what I got done!” (Unless you count the toys strewn across the flat, the purée that’s smeared into the highchair cushion, the banana stuck to my sock and the overflowing nappy bin as evidence of my very productive day as a mum.) I love checking things off my to do list, working towards creative and other goals, but there hasn’t been much of that in the last year. 

So, two days on the trot where I got almost everything done that I had hoped to is rather unusual! 

Today, I went to the Babycafé in the morning, than did the grocery shopping, put SJ down for a nap, had lunch, tidied and dusted every room, hoovered, mopped and cleaned the bathroom. (In the interest of transparency – my mum was entertaining SJ after she woke up from her nap, so I could finish my chores. I am not superwoman!). On top of all that I also made dinner and even got to play some table tennis with my dad.

Now I want to do some more knitting before bed and hopefully having an early night.

SJ at baby café

Wednesday // 11:17 pm

Today was a pretty good day. I did a bit of work in the morning and sorted some paperwork. After lunch, SJ and I drove to Rheinfelden, a nearby town, to get some errands done. Besides the boring things like picking up a special cleaning solution for our sofa I was hoping to purchase some yarn to make some cute little rompers. Sadly, all the wool shops were closed, so my “fun purchase” were a few seeds and a small kale plant for our garden.

This evening I worked on a blog related project I am very excited but also a bit anxious about. I think there’s probably no harm in revealing what this project is – I want to start a podcast! I have been thinking and dreaming about it for aaages. Ugh. And now it looks like I am actually doing it. 

I am feeling anxious for a few reasons:

a) what if I discover that I am terrible at interviewing people? If conversations stall and end up being awkward and boring and I make a fool of myself and waste everyone’s time?

b) what if I start and then lose steam and never finish and feel like a failure. This has happened before. It’s awful. I mean, I still live. But I really want to see at least this first season through. 

c) technology. I don’t have the money right now to just invest into a podcasting microphone or expensive technology. So I am hoping that the recording will have good enough quality by just using the tools I have.

We shall see. 

I love looking at plants!

Thursday // 10:49 pm

I am TIRED. This morning at around 4.45 am SJ decided that she was finished with sleeping. I tried for about an hour to cuddle and feed her back to sleep without any luck. So we got up, I sleep-walked and she rolled off sheet after sheet of toilet paper, shredding them into little pieces that she then distributed around the bathroom. I was too tired to tell her to stop. 

At 7.45 am I left for work, on my way I watered the garden and gave some fertiliser to my tomatoes. One plant has some green fruits on it already! I am so excited.

After work I tidied the kitchen, fed Sarina some purée and fruit (her current favourite are nectarines). After playing with her some more, Edd and I gave her a bath and put her to bed. We then had dinner ourselves, I did some laundry and we watched some funny tiktoks. The rest of the night Edd marked papers and I worked on my blog – I wrote a little review of my 2022 goals. We are halfway through the year after all!

The first tomatoes!

Friday // 10:34 pm

Well, last night was even worse than the one before. I am exhausted. Originally I had wanted to get some admin and housework done today but didn’t manage much. It still turned out to be a good day though! My mum entertained SJ for an hour this morning so that I was able to have a nap. When SJ finally went down for a sleep I spend some time in the garden, weeding the beds and planting some kale. Very exciting. This afternoon I took SJ for a little bike ride. Before returning home we stopped at the park for a mini picnic and a go on the swings.

My little kale plant

Edd and I spend the evening watching the new episodes of Stranger Things. We stopped halfway through the second episode so that we could get some sleep but oh my days it took a lot of strength to turn it off. Can’t wait to finish it tomorrow. So intense!!

Moving outside always makes me feel better

Saturday // 11:52

Today was such a great day. Starting with some extra time in bed – Edd got up with SJ whilst I was getting another hour of sleep, which was wonderful. After I got up and dressed, I had some leftover pancakes for breakfast (pancakes for breakfast make for a pretty solid start to an awesome day I’d say) and then SJ and I cycled to baby sports. (Or more accuratel, I cycled and SJ chilled in the bike trailer!)

Baby Sports is pretty much the cutest thing ever. SJ loves it. It’s basically a sports hall covered with mats and all sorts of fun equipment – balls of all sizes, obstacles to climb over and under, trampolines… it’s great. And it’s a really lovely group of parents as well. If they served coffee for the adults it would be absolutely perfect!

SJ at baby sports

Back home I fed the baby some lunch and she then went out like a light for her nap.

Whilst she slept I sat on the balcony, drank coffee, knitted and watched Jaclyn Salems latest YouTube video. It was glorious. 

When SJ woke up I took her next door to say hello to my parents. I drank some more coffee and ate some raspberries straight from the bush.

Edd and I then took SJ to our local pool. It was so lovely. SJ loves being in the water and it was really refreshing to hang out in the pool and play. At home it was dinner, bath then bed for the SJ. Edd and I ordered some salads from our favourite Italian place and finished watching Stranger Things. What are we going to do with our lives until season 5?! Oh my days!! 

I then watered the garden, we booked some flights and then watched cute videos of SJ. (Yes, we are those parents!)

Knitting on the balcony

All in all…

…it has been a good week. Hard due to ongoing sleep deprivation but good. How’s your week been?

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