Feeling low, vaccinations + finally cycling again // weekly journal vol. 10

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Tuesday 19:00

I have a lot on my mind right now. Last night I was at a parent’s evening at SJs nursery. It was a really good evening and we are so immensely grateful for the amazing people who work there and everything she has learnt. However, in the autumn it’s time for her to start Kindergarten and I feel nostalgic and worried about various things I don’t want to go into here.

There are also lots of other things plus the usual worries I have about climate change and the erosion of democracy. It’s so fun to have an overactive mind… not!

I wonder how much of this feeling is just life and how much has to do with being postpartum.

Oh well! Life is still so good overall. There’s not a day where I am not grateful for my two wonderful girls. They love each other so much. SJ is getting more and more hilarious and I love talking to her about all the things she thinks about. L is growing and growing (a little bit too fast!) and is still such a happy baby.

Wednesday 21:42

I am so tired today. For the last few weeks I have had so little energy. I would like to get back to blog more again but right now my capacity and creativity feels kind of low.

However, I think I need to be more intentional about how I spend my time. I want to make more room for the things that make me feel alive – knitting, sewing, making music, writing, moving my body, reading, going outside.

For now, I will prioritise catching up on some sleep and will head to before!

Thursday 14:24

SJ and L both got vaccinated this morning. I cycled with the two of them in the trailer and oh my days it felt so good to move my body! My anxiety levels are way down compared to this morning where I was practically shaking with stress.

I am so glad L can finally sit in the bike trailer. SJ loves sitting in there so it is an easy way to get half an hour of exercise – just cycle to a playground a bit further away!

In case you were interested – the vaccinations were pretty terrible. All the staff were super kind but SJ still remembered how it felt four weeks ago and was already wailing before any needles were in sight. She got one jab, L had two and I had two screaming children on my lap! We have another appointment in four weeks. Lord have mercy.

Friday 09:09

Yesterday continued to be a mostly lovely day. We played at home for a while and then visited my parents where we ate strawberries with ice cream and whipped cream and it felt perfectly summery.

However, later in the afternoon L got a fever from the vaccinations. She was not happy! Despite medication she didn’t sleep well and therefore neither did I. A few minutes ago I managed to get her down for a nap however. I am lying next to her with the intention of closing my eyes for a while as well. Napping is something I find super difficult. I just keep thinking of things I want or should do and get so restless. However, I will grab my ear-pods and my sleeping mask and hopefully manage to get a half hour of sleep!

10:12 – I did not! She woke up as soon as I laid down… ha! Classic.

Sunday 22:01

It’s been a good weekend! On Friday night my close friend Holly arrived and we sat on our balcony with some beers enjoying the sunset and being reunited and it was so lovely!

Saturday morning Edd came back from England. We went to our go to restaurant Fünfschilling all together for some food. Sadly it started to rain so we couldn’t go to the playground but it was a lovely time either way.

On Sunday we visited my brother, sister in law and their sons and had a really good time eating cake and playing in their garden.

Edd had to fly back to the UK in the evening but it wasn’t as sad this time as Holly is still here! It’s so good for my soul to hang out with her.

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