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As I am typing this I feel a bit tender and kind of sad. Nothing serious has happened but there are some things I am processing that feel painful right now. However, I actually had a great week.

Here are some of my favourite moments:

  • We got one round of vaccinations out of the way for both girls. SJ was quite poorly afterwards and stayed home from nursery for two days. It was a bit chaotic solo-parenting and having both girls all day but also really nice.
  • The weather was lovely and we had some great times hanging out at the playground and going for walks.

  • I finished a knitting project!
  • L turned three months old this week. I shared some thoughts and milestones and a general motherhood update last week, in case you are interested.
  • My friend Yas came to stay for a couple of days and it was just so so nice to hang out together. She was a huge help and I just fill so filled up after spending a few days talking, playing games and laughing together.

  • We went for a meal at one of our favourite restaurants and ran into my brother and his family and ended up eating together and playing at the playground. It was such a nice coincidence!
  • She bought SJ some Hama beads and I had the best childhood flashbacks.
  • Edd came home on Saturday. He had been away for two weeks with a day and half back in the middle and I really missed him.
  • We celebrated my sister in law’s birthday and it was wonderful to be with family.

Have a great start to the new week everyone!

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