Weekly highlights: creative projects, good food + a family swim

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We had a pretty great week. Edd was home which was so lovely. He got up with SJ every morning and took her to nursery so that L and I were able to stay in bed for a bit longer and get some extra sleep.

On the whole, I manage quite well with little sleep. However, my patience declining quite rapidly when the bad nights stack up. I definitely haven’t been the greatest parent this week. I raised my voice at SJ much more than necessary and didn’t do a great job at communicating well with her.

My main goal as a parent is to be kind and to raise kind children. I definitely have a lot to learn still!

Besides my parenting fails the weather was also lacking in quality. After getting out our shorts and dresses last weekend we had snow, hail and super cold wind this week. And it was so grey and bleak. I am so ready for summer!

On the whole though, there was a lot of lovely moments.

Here are some of this week’s highlights:

  • I had the loveliest of days last Monday . In the morning I knitted in bed while L was napping and then I met with a lady who does consultations on how to use different slings and baby carriers. It was super helpful. Edd picked SJ up from nursery and took her to the zoo with some friends. I stayed home, did a workout, cooked a nice meal, wrote a blog post, listened to podcasts and made some sewing plans. It was wonderful!
  • On Tuesday I spent the morning at home with L. I did a mini workout, caught up on laundry, put on an eye mask (my latest obsession, especially after a bad night!) and did some admin. I also cut out a sewing project which made me very excited!
  • As most Wednesday mornings I tuned in to Nathan and Lou Fellingham’s “Worship Wednesday” – half an hour of worship live from their living room. Edd took SJ to her children’s sports class in the afternoon and I had some quality time with Lucy and got some knitting done.
  • On Thursday I went to our local family centre for a lecture on kid’s nutrition, which was super helpful and informative.
  • I picked SJ up early from nursery and went back to the family centre to have lunch there with her and some friends. She loves playing there and we had a very relaxed time. Back home we played a bit in my parents garden, SJ helped me with laundry and then we had dinner as a family.
  • On Friday we went to the indoor pool with SJs best friend from nursery and her mum and it was really fun. It was Ls first time in a swimming pool and she seemed to really enjoy it!
  • On Saturday we visited some really lovely friends of ours who are amazing cooks – great company and great food! They also have two girls about the same ages as ours and SJ and their older girl played super cute together.
  • On Sunday we had a chill morning at home, watching Formula One, cooking, tidying and playing. My dad came over for lunch and in the afternoon we went to my brother’s house to celebrate our nephew’s birthday. In the evening Edd sadly had to leave for the UK. I made the most of my quiet evening in – blogging, knitting and reading.

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