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As previously mentioned, this week I am participating in Ali Edward’s “A Week in the Life” scrapbooking challenge. Only that I am using my blog as my scrapbook rather than a physical journal. Officially, the documenting week does not begin until next Monday. However, I am off from work next week and wanted to document some of my work week as well as what I get up to during my holiday.

I participated in this project once before, in 2021 and really loved it. Also, I just love having those posts to go back to and remember what life was like back then.

Thursday, 20th April 2023

6:30 am // The morning

During the week, we normally wake up between 6 and 7 am. SJ normally joins us in our bed at some point during the night and she loves to snuggle in the morning which is rather lovely!

I got up with her just before 7am to get her dressed and brush her teeth, whilst Edd got ready. When he is home (like he is right now – hurray!) he usually takes SJ to nursery. After they left, I stepped out onto the balcony for a few seconds, waved and took a few deep breaths.

I then opened all the windows, made the beds and did a quick tidy-up before getting dressed. I put on make-up and made coffee.

8 am // the workday begins

At the moment I work just under two and a half days. Thursday is a full day of work for me. Normally I start working between 8 and 9 am in the morning.

Today I sat down at my desk at 8 o’ clock. Before loading up my work E-Mail I did a few tweaks for today’s blog post before publishing it. I normally write it the night before, but yesterday I went to bed right after putting down SJ as I was super tired.

There is not a whole lot to show of my working other than my desks and the various cups of coffee I had! I worked on my company’s website most of today, answered E-Mails and scheduled some Social Media posts. At 11 am I attended a webinar about digital inheritance fundraising. While listening I had a bit of breakfast: some porridge, coconut yogurt and half a mango. I often struggle to concentrate while listening to online presentations. To keep me from checking my E-Mail at the same time I occupied my hands with my knitting, which helped a lot!

12:30 // lunch

After the webinar I checked my E-Mail and then spent a few minutes reading in my Bible. Then, I headed over to my mum’s who had invited me over for lunch. We had a dish made from puff pastry and brussel sprouts and it was very delicious.

13:30 // afternoon work

The afternoon was filled with more work. I was re-designing a sub-page for our volunteering program. It was quite enjoyable actually. I was a bit tired though but having a bit of music, some more coffee and the rest of my breakfast helped me to keep going!

The most exciting thing that happened during the afternoon is that I got a parcel. Recently, I ordered a few Bible studies from the Daily Grace Co. and they arrived today! I am very excited to start them, they all look very beautiful.

I also had a call with a collegue. As I am working completely remote right now I always enjoy time where I get to interact with people.

16:30 // play time

Even though I hadn’t finished everything I had to do, I stopped work around 4:30 pm. SJ discovered me in the office and when I told her I had to do a bit more work she cried some very big tears. So I decided to spend some time playing with her and Edd for while.

She is really into hide and seek right now, so Edd hid a stuffed animal in various places around our flat and we counted to 10 and the searched. Around 6pm, we made her some dinner and gave her a bath. Afterwards it was milk and books and then bedtime. She took some time to fall asleep. I sometimes find it quite draining when I think “oh she is falling asleep now” and then she sits back up and starts talking again. It really helps that she is very cute!

20:00 // dinner and a new TV series

As today was my last day of work before my holiday Edd and I decided to get a special dinner. He bought us salads from a local Italian restaurant we really like. We enjoyed those whilst starting a new Netflix series called “Self-Made”. It is inspired by the true story of Madam C.J. Walker, a black entrepreneur. We really enjoyed the first episode!

21:00 // A bit more work + blogging

I then returned to my desk to finish off my work. I normally never work in the evenings but as I am off for a bit over a week I wanted to tie up some lose ends. Once I was finished I started writing this post. And now it is high time to go to bed! I will probably read for a bit. I am about half-way through “Mrs England” by Stacey Walker which I am enjoying very much.

That’s all for today.

I hope you enjoyed this first day of my Week in the Life documenting challenge! Also – maybe you want to document a week as well? You can just do it in your journal, on your Instagram or you buy a scrapbook. I would highly recommend preserving some memories of your normal day to day life. It might feel mundane, but it is precious and worth remembering.

This is Day 59 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this postIf you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

I love hearing your thoughts and input on what you most like to read on here. It would mean so much if you would fill out my very short reader survey. Thank you!

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