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Yesterday was Mother’s Day.

The night before was short, and had many interruptions. Edd and I were both very tired in the morning.

Nevertheless, he dragged himself out of bed first to make coffee and play with SJ, so I could stay in bed longer. I snoozed, read one page or so, replied to some messages, checked social media. Magical but also, you know, just an extra few minutes in bed.

We then all got ready and headed to a flower field. We picked some peonies and sweet williams. Or, I picked, and Edd stopped SJ from deheading the flowers.

Then, we drove to our friends house to catch up, deliver some of the flowers and have breakfast together. It was lovely! And exhausting – the children were loud and made each other cry.

We stopped at my parents to deliver more flowers. We had coffee and left again.

Back home, it was nap-time. I sewed. Currently, I am making a T-Shirt. I put on the neckband – but it was the wrong way around. So, I had to unpick everything again. Edd prepared dinner, watched TV and had a nap. When I was almost finished with fixing the neckband, SJ woke up.

The afternoon was normal, a bit boring maybe. We played with play-dough, read books. Edd and SJ phoned Nana in England and I used the few minutes to sew a bit more.

We had dinner. And a bit of an argument. We made up. Edd hoovered. I took SJ to bed.

Once she was asleep we sat down to do some planning. We booked flights and did some laundry. Then, I turned on my sewing machine, excited about finishing my T-Shirt. Two minutes later, SJ woke up. She was coughing like crazy and didn’t fall back asleep. So Edd and I put on pyjamas and brushed our teeth and we all went to bed together.

This is real life. There are moments of bliss briefly followed by frustration. There’s boredome and tiredness and the tedium of yet another load of laundry. And there is love. Forgiveness. And so much joy in between it all.

This is Day 83 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this postIf you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

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