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If you read my blog post from yesterday, you will know that SJ caught a tummy bug. She was a bit better today but still couldn’t keep any food down. I am veeery tired. Being woken up by a toddler who wants cuddles is one thing, having to change sheets at 1:30 in the morning quite another.

So, today I didn’t do very much. I read a few pages while SJ slept on my lap, I rearranged some of her toy area and paid bills. Otherwise I just spent the day playing with SJ and had to do a lot of washing. (Yay.)

Seeing that I haven’t much to say, I will do the same as last Tuesday and just share a few things that have caught my attention recently.

Here are some fun links!

  • I am currently debating whether I want to invest into a Lovevery toy kit. They are very expensive but I am hearing such good things and am struggling to find toys that interest SJ at the moment. Has anyone got any experience with it?
  • Speaking of playing with SJ – I made a reel of an attempt to introduce some Montessori inspired play today. Let’s just say it didn’t quite go as I had envisioned it. Haha.
  • Here is another poem by David Gate that I just loved. This one is about parenting. Everything he writes is just so good.
  • This song by Ever Worship is my current favourite. Closely followed by this one and this one. SJ and I listen to those most morning and it is such a good start to the day. (I just realised I talked about their album a lot on here. Apologies! I just really like it!)
  • To mix things up – I have been obsessed with this tiny desk concert for some years now. Edd and I were meant to see Tom Misch live in 2021 but the gig was cancelled because of Covid. Hopefully we can go another time.
  • This Saturday I want to play along with Ali Edward’s community challenge and document a day in my life. I won’t make a scrap book out of my memories but instead post them here (big surprise). If you want to join in or want to find out more, check out Ali’s website or Instagram.
  • I am a biiig fan of Jaclyn Salem. She is just such a creative person and everything she makes is so well thought out and unique. This coat she sewed is an absolute dream. One day I will hopefully make something as cool as that.

A final note

I had a few messages this last week from people telling me they are reading my blog and that they enjoy it. This is literally the nicest compliment you can give me. Blogging sometimes feels like shouting into a void so getting feedback makes it so much more worthwhile. So please keept it coming! Haha. Thank you and have a wonderful Tuesday.

This is Day 35 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this post. If you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

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  • Reply Debbie 29 March 2023 at 5:05 pm

    Love the Tom Misch tiny desk concert!

    • Reply Britta 29 March 2023 at 5:10 pm

      It’s so good, isn’t it?!

    I love hearing from you