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Reflections on documenting a week in my life

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As you may have seen, last week I joined Ali Edwards for a week of documenting my life. I have created these week-long time capsules in 2021 and 2023 and have loved it each time.

While doing this project this year I learned some things and made a few discoveries which I wanted to share here today.

A week in my life – thoughts and reflections

Memory keeping is an art form

Most people documenting their week alongside Ali do so through the medium of a scrapbook. So, in many ways this isn’t just a memory-keeping endeavour but also an art project.

Looking at other people’s approaches was really inspiring to me – thinking through different story-telling angles and ways to take photos. So far, I usually just kept a record of what I did on each day. However, I liked how some people focused on what they ate one day, the music they currently listen to on another and routines and rhythms they have on a third.

There are so many angles and different things to focus on which I hadn’t previously considered.

Get into the photo

Something I did this year which I hadn’t done much before was to set up my phone on a tripod and use the timer function and get into the picture.

Those are actually some of my favourite images. I love those photos of me doing things and living life.

My story matters

In many ways, my life isn’t all that exciting. Right now, I am a stay-at-home mother. The days full of nursing and nappy changes and navigating the emotions of a toddler and going to the playground easily blend into one another.

But that doesn’t make them unimportant or boring. I shared these thoughts on my Instagram last week:

I love this role and season of life. But there are moments where I start to compare myself with others, wishing I could say that I do something with more status, something that paid better and showed my skills and intelligence.

Taking the time to document my life during this season is me making a claim: this is important. My motherhood journey, my children’s childhood – these are stories worth telling and recording.

It often looks or feels mundane, but these are the days! This job of caring and raising and parenting is important. And in all the routine and repetition there is so much magic and joy.

This project is such a helpful reminder that my story matters. My life is worthy of being documented.

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