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Projects in progress – March 2023

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One thing I love about this 100 day project is to bring back certain series or concepts I used to write about in the past. In 2019 I published a little round-up of all the creative projects I was working on. I am glad to report that I have completed all those sewing and knitting projects by now!

Since Tuesday I am on holiday for two weeks. Next week I am visiting some relatives. This week, I am hoping to work on some sewing and knitting projects.

So, here’s a little overview of all the creative projects I currently work on (and will hopefully make some progress this month):

Sewing projects

I haven’t sewn in a while. It’s not the kind of craft I can pick up for a few minutes or do late in the evening when I am pretty tired.

Hence, I had lost track a bit of what I had worked on last. So, yesterday I looked through my sewing boxes and got up to speed with where I have left off. (And even sewed one seam already!).

Ness Skirt by Tilly and the Buttons

Project 1: Ness skirt

I started sewing the Ness skirt by Tilly and the Buttons back in May. It was coming together pretty nicely. However, I made a mistake at the front with the zipper insertion and wasn’t quite sure how to fix it. Earlier this week my mum helped me troubleshoot it and now I am excited to keep sewing!

Full Moon Bag by All Well Patterns

A bag project!

You might know that this is not my first 100 day project. During lockdown/pregnancy I challenged myself to do a creative project every day. I got to about day 50 – then we moved house and I got rather pre-occupied with the impending arrival of SJ.

Anyhow – during this project I did a few embroidery projects, one of which was on some fabric that I then cut out for the All Well Full Moon Bag. It’s a free sewing pattern you can get when subscribing to the All Well newsletter.

My progress got stalled as I didn’t have a strap nor a zip for the bag – however I just ordered both and am excited to finish this pretty bag so that I get to use it!

Knitting projects

These days, I do a lot more knitting than sewing. It is much easier to transport and to pick up when I have a free ten minutes here or there. For me, knitting is just so satisfying. I love seeing the fabric (that I am creating! With thread and sticks!) grow and take shape. I love the rhythmic hand movements. Knitting makes me feel calm and happy and inspired. It’s just a great hobby! And at the end you have a pair of warm socks or something else lovely and wooly.

Power Flower Mai Socks by DuCathi

Some colour work socks that I am making for my grandma. They are very slow as every row is different but I just LOVE how they are turning out. I feel like this project has made me much better at knitting colourwork as well, which is a lovely bonus.

I am seeing my grandma next week so want to finish these before then. Meaning, I have a lot of knitting to do!

Lukas Romper by Mats and Ida

I am also knitting on a Lukas romper which is a slightly more mindless knit. The pattern is lovely!

I have made the Glückskind romper by Mats und Ida twice before and really enjoyed that pattern as well.

There are so many new babies in my circle of friends and I am trying to make lots of handmade gifts for them all.

Itsy Bitsy Raglan

Finally, I also have a jumper for SJ on my needles. I wanted to use up this yarn and I wanted to try out this Raglan pattern, so I thought I could hit two birds with one stone!

I haven’t been knitting very much on this lately but will probably pick it up more once I have finished the socks for my grandma.


This is not the most exciting of projects, but I also have a few things that need mending. Some small holes in some of SJs clothes that are quick jobs but also a pair of Edd’s jeans where I would like to use some Sashiko techniques. I bought “Visible Mending” by Arounna Khounnoraj a little while back and am eager to use some of the techniques described in the book.

This is Day 16 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this postIf you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

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