Our garden in May

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It feels like gardening season has properly begun now! The weather has gotten a lot warmer and we have spent a fair bit of time outside.

The thing about gardening, and something I think gardeners on social media don’t quite show enough is how much work it is.

We had lots of sun and rain early in May and the weeds LOVED it. I cannot get on top of it! Also, gardening with a toddler around is a sometimes a bit of a challenge. When SJ sees me pull out weeds, she wants to help. In the best case scenario she throws soil into my weed bucket, worst case she pulls out my actual plants…

However, overall I am really enjoying learning about and doing all the garden things!

The seeds

Last month I reported that I had put lots and lots of seeds into our garden beds outside. Maybe it was still too cold, maybe the soil quality is not the one – so far not much has happened!

My peas and sugar snaps have come through and there is a tiny plant coming up from one of my cucumber seeds. Otherwise nothing. If there is still no sign of life when we get back from England next week, I will buy some little plants and put them there instead!

The salad

The salad is doing pretty good! It’s not quite ready for harvest yet but I think we might get to try some in a few weeks! One of my plants fell victim to SJs little feet (the vegetable patch is basically a second sand pit, right?!) but otherwise they are keeping well!


Last month I bought some little strawberry plants that I planted between the seeds and the salad.

We get a lot of deer coming down from the forest into the garden and they ate a lot of the shoots and flowers on them, so I am not sure I will get to harvest any this year…

We put a net over them now and put up a little fence to ward the deer off. They look pretty but they have no respect when it comes to plants!

Tomatoes, peppers, chilis

I also planted out my tomato, pepper and chili seedlings. Some into the beds, but most in pots. They seem to be doing okay.!

We had tomatoes last year and it was the best. Fresh tomatoes are just so much more flavourful than store bought ones.

Other garden things

Otherwise, we (mostly Edd) started weeding some of the beds that are completely overgrown. We would love to have a few more veggies but also flowers!

My mum cultivated a few sunflower seeds, and I put some of the little plants in our garden. I think I haven’t watered them quite enough yet, but hopefully they will thrive nonetheless. Sunflowers are my favourite flower!

Also, last year I got a lily from a plant swap and it has become lots bigger in the last year! I am excited for when it blooms!

You can read my previous garden updates here: February, March and April.

This is Day 97 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this post. If you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

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