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My 2022 goals

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I know that I am a little bit late with this post (I am a mum now, so I have an excuse!) but as I share my goals on the blog every year, I still wanted to capture my hopes and ambitions for 2022 on here. I did write these down in my journal early in January, but just never got round to positng them here.

If you know me, you are probably aware that I am a goals person. One of my weaknesses is that I get distracted very easily. There are so many hobbies and projects and ideas and I want to do them all at once – which is the perfect strategy to never complete anything. So, I set goals. I spend a bit of time choosing a limited number of things that are important to me and I want to dedicate my time to. For me goal-setting is about being intentional.

My hero Jess Connolly recently put it like this in one of her newsletters: “Setting goals helps us remember and identify what we care about. Setting goals helps point us in the direction of wholeness, and it helps root us in the rhythms that keep us healthy.“ I love this!

So without much further ado, here are my 2022 goals:

  1. Become a better bread baker! I want to try out 12 different bread recipes. (So far, I have already made three!)
  2. Indulge in my sock knitting love. My aim is to knit 12 socks i.e. six pairs. I am slightly behind on this one, with one and a half finished socks. However, the half finished one is quite a tricky pattern, so I am confident that I can catch up!
  3. Walk daily. Walking has become a favourite hobby. I love being outside, the rhythm of my steps, seeing nature change with the seasons, and always meeting the same dogs and their owners. Also – walking has the added bonus of being a great way of getting the baby to sleep. As I am still recovering from SPD, I am slowly increasing my daily step goal month by month. So far, I have managed to meet my goal on not all but most days. Which I am very happy with – this is about progress, not perfection.
  4. Capture and keep memories. SJ is the cutest baby in the world (not that I am biased) and I cannot stop taking pictures of her. But I don’t want these photos to just be on my phone or live in a folder on my computer. I am hoping to print some pictures every few weeks and to make an album. Also, I would love to jot down some milestones and memories every now and then. Whether it is in an insta post, my journal or here on the blog. This time is so precious and I want to remember it.
  5. Learn and travel and enjoy – in other words: Read. I am aiming to read 50 books. So far I am also behind on this one, but there are still 9 and a bit more months to catch up…

How are your goals for this year going?

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