Mini adventure with SJ – public transport

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At the moment, SJ is very interested in vehicles: any passing plane, digger, lorry, bus and train gets noticed with a lot of excitement.

As nursery was closed today, I decided to show her some of these up close!

A mini trip

So this morning after breakfast we packed a bag with nappies, water, books and snacks and headed out the door.

We walked to our nearest bus stop, bought a ticket and then waited.

On the bus

With a few minutes delay, the bus arrived. We got two seats next to each other and SJ had a great view out of the window. She loved seeing lorries and dogs and some of the places we often pass on foot.

We rode the bus for about 10 minutes, until we reached Wyhlen, our neighbouring village.

The destination

There we walked around a bit, so some diggers, bought a pretzel and went to the pharmacy. We also run into one of SJs nursery teachers which was very exciting.

Traveling back home

Then we walked to the train station where we bought another ticket and then waited for the train. It was a bit difficult to get on with the pram but a lady kindly offered her help.

The train was a lot faster than the bus, so we only were on it for about two minutes. Back in Grenzach, we walked home.

On our way we made friends with a dog and his owner. The dog’s name was Eddy. The owner found it hilarious that my husband goes by the same name.

Bonus transport

When we reached our house, SJ really wanted to ride her tricycle for a bit, so that’s what we did. In terms of sustainability, cycling is the superior option anyway. Ha!

Toddler adventures are so fun

One of the things I love about spending my days with a toddler is that so much of life is exciting to her. Things that I find mundane or maybe even annoying – like using public transport – are adventures for her. Through her I see so much of the world through different eyes. Toddler life can be so fun!

This is Day 87 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this post. If you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

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