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Life Update Vol. 2

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Last time I gave a bit of an update about my life, we were in the middle of moving house, I was writing job applications and I was feeling quite run down. I am happy to report that my life has improved on all of those fronts!

Update vol.2

these days I am loving our new house! It is super cozy, in the morning the sun shines into our front windows, we have double glazing and really quiet neighbours.


these days I obsessed with eating everything baked. Edd was away this week and every single night I put sweet potato and a couple of different vegetables (cauliflower, peppers, carrots…) in the oven and ate it with hummus. So easy to make and so delicious. Everything tastes better fresh from the oven.


these days I am watching super old episodes from the vlogbrothers on youtube. Like really old – when they first started making videos in 2007. I love how creative and intelligent and themselves they are.


these days I am trying really hard to be more organised. My mum came to visit early this month and she helped me unpack and organise the last little bits from our move. I am now determined to become one of those people who puts everything away immediately. Earlier, I got laundry out of the wash and made a big mess on the floor as I had accidentally washed a load of tissue together with my black trousers (well done, Britta). I immediately picked up a broom and cleaned it all up and felt like a domestic princess (well done, Britta).


these days I am loving my new job. I started working as a chaplain at a Sixth Form and Further Education college. It is basically my job to meet with students, encourage them and talk about my faith. I have lots of opportunities to be creative and come up with ideas and interact with people. It is challenging at times but I feel like I am learning so much and I am so glad I get to do such fun things for work.


these days I am reading a book in German by Andrea Bode called “das Mädchen im Strom“. It is based on the true story of Gudrun Samuel, a Jewish teenage girl living in Germany during the 30s. Despite the heavy subject matter, the story flows quite light-heartedly and is really gripping.


these days I listen a lot to the Hamilton soundtrack. I am desperate to see the Musical on stage.


these days I am so grateful for being able to study a Masters degree. I just started a couple of new modules, they are all in the area of environmental economics and I think I found my true passion!


these days I love road-tripping through England with my husband and I am getting really excited about visiting my family over Easter and going on holiday to Bavaria with my parents in the summer. Making travel plans is the best!


these days I am feeling inspired and enthusiastic about doing lots of creative things. I love hanging around here on my blog and sharing my life and my passions. I am also currently working on producing a class for skillshare… I am not sure yet if it will work out but I shall keep you posted!

What are you up to these days? I hope you are having a great week, friends!



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