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Life update – February 2023

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Life is good. I am doing GOOD.

Which is a big improvement! During the latter half of 2022 I felt constantly overwhelmed. In June last year we moved house and I started to work again the same day. A few months later SJ started nursery. Edd’s PhD wasn’t quite going the way he had hoped. On top of that there are some ongoing health issues that are extremely frustrating and limiting for me.

What does work life balance look like when you are a mother?

And life was just so busy. Every “day off” was spent catching up on chores but never ever finishing. Just when we thought we were getting into a routine someone got ill. Another sleep regression hit. I enjoy being back at work, but so far it seems that juggling job and motherhood results in neglecting my child while not delivering the quality of work I would like to.

Is this what “work life balance” looks like as a parent? Maybe.

With all that in mind, at the end of 2022 I knew something had to change. I sat down alone and with Edd and we bargained over what needs to go. And what needs to be adjusted. We didn’t agree on all the answers but we found some ways forward and took some things off our plates.

Right now, life is still full. I am still behind on chores. But things have gotten better. Our lives seem to be slightly more under control. As a result, I fell less overwhelmed and finally have some margin for things other than our immediate survival. (Like blogging! Or reading! And of course, knitting!) And that feels so so good.

Impending changes

Well, that is where we are right now. Good stuff, hey? And there is more good news!

Edd has a new job, which is very exciting. He starts today!! When you read the job description you might wonder whether someone has tried to create THE perfect job for Edd. I am so glad he gets to use his gifts and spend his energies on things he is so passionate about.

However, the job is located in England. There will be some room for work from home but he will have to travel to Sheffield for about two weeks each month.

It will be a big change. Since the beginning of 2020 both of us have worked from home, so we were around each other most of the time. And SJ has gotten used to having her dad around a lot, too. I think she will really miss him during the weeks he is away.

But it’s going to be good, I think

We will see how things will go! Despite all the unknowns I feel very peaceful about this next chapter. I really think that God led us here and I trust that he will help us navigate this new situation.

Edd and I are no strangers to periods of long-distance marraige. In 2019 I spent some months in Potsdam while Edd was living in Lancaster and early in 2022 Edd had to do some work in Preston while I was living in Grenzach, Germany. We obviously prefer being together to being apart but we know that we can make things work either way.

I feel very grateful to have family nearby too, who will help out when SJ and I need some support during the week’s Edd is away.

So all in all, things are good. And they will be good. At least that’s what I am hoping for!

How are you doing these days?

This is Day 8 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this post.

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