January in stats and stories
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January in stats and stories

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The longest month of the year is finally coming to a close (can you believe it is still January?) It feels like such a long time since New Year’s. Crazy.

I like talking about my goals and how they’re going publicly on the internet as it helps me to keep accountable. It’s also so important to remember all the good. I so easily forget to celebrate my wins and thank God for all his blessings.

To combat this forgetfulness, this post is a celebration of all the good!

January wins

I got a job!! I am super excited to finally unsubscribe from job alert E-Mails and learn new things and be part of a team and work really hard.

In January I went on 10 runs, running a total of 46.62km at an average speed of 7 minutes and 5 seconds per kilometre. Not very fast, but in December my average speed was 7’13”, so I am getting faster!

I made some progress toward my reading goal: I read 3 books and listened to 5 audiobooks.

Almost every morning I did yoga, following along with Adriene’s January yoga challenge.

I sewed a rucksack!

On most days I shot one second of video creating a fun little film. I shall share it on instagram in the next few days!

Things I am grateful for this month:

The first few days of the month I was at my parents house. I had planned to come back to Berlin earlier but ended up staying as I had gotten a really bad cold. The cold was not fun, but my parents and I played lots of old board games and they took great care of me.

Our friends from church. Before getting the news about my job I felt quite worried. It was so helpful to have people around who make me laugh and are interesting to talk to.

Witnessing Edd learning German. He is so determined and I am very proud.

My dad visited for two days and we drank lots of coffee and ate cake and went to a Jazz bar. It was great.

Edd and I have lots of new really cool international friends from his German course.

Now I am off to the airport to pick up three of my closest friends who are coming to visit for the weekend. I cannot wait for some quality girl time!

How’s your January been?

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