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This week was hard, but there is still so much to be grateful for.

Edd left to go back to the UK last Sunday and this week without him has been rather sad and I have felt quite lonely. However, there have been many small highlights this week which have cheered me up and I wanted to capture here.

What I have been grateful for this week:

  1. Spring! I love that the days are warmer, the fresh green and the trees in full bloom.
  2. Speaking of warmer days – I have been going for lunch time walks by the river to enjoy some of the sunshine. One time I took my book and laid down on a park bench to read one chapter. It was so nice to feel the sun on my face and watch the leaves move in the wind.
  3. Lots of my free time has been spent reading lately. This week I finished a book called Jugend ohne Gott (Youth without God) by Ödön von Horvath and I started reading a collection of biographies depicting the lives of famous people from Basel.
  4. I made some progress in recruiting people for my research. I had been a bit worried about this but it feels like a few more doors have opened up which has been exciting.
  5. For dinner tonight I made this recipe and it was delicious. (I slightly adapted it by adding spring onions, which complemented the flavours really well).
  6. I managed to clock three runs this week. All of them happened before 8am and I must say I love being outside first thing before all the business ensues.
  7. Face-timing my friend Holly last night. Friends are such a precious gift.
  8. Making progress on my Twylla socks.
  9. Going to church today, worshiping, hearing an encouraging message and being around friends.
  10. This little corner of the internet I get to call my own. Thank you for reading. What are you grateful for this week?
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