Highlights of my week #20

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Sadly it’s been a bit too busy for blogging, but I quickly wanted to capture a few of my favourite moments from last week.

  • SJ turned two years old! I love it when it is my birthday but I think I was even more excited to celebrate my little girl. She spreads so much joy and makes my life so much brighter and fun.
  • Monday night Edd and I decorated the flat, I made a cake and we got all her presents out. I was super tired and building her climbing frame turned out to be a lot more difficult than we anticipated but it was still so lovely to do stuff to make SJs big day super special.
  • The morning of SJs birthday we opened presents, had some breakfast and then Edd took her to a playground. After SJs nap we had some coffee and cake with my parents, Sarinas godmother and her daughter and her uncle, aunt and cousins. The weather was lovely and we sat outside and played in the sand and just had a wonderful afternoon.
  • On Wednesday I took SJ to a family café, we watched a digger at work and did some shopping. In the afternoon we had some friends over and ate leftover birthday cake.
  • Thursday was also pretty cool: we cycled to Basel with some friends and went to an outdoor theatre! I am not sure SJ followed all of the action but she really enjoyed it whenever there was music as well as eating snacks and clapping.
  • On Saturday we hosted a party for SJ with some of her friends and had such a wonderful time. It was so chilled and Edd and I also had such a nice time with the other parents.
  • On Sunday Edd took SJ out for the morning and in the afternoon we went to the public pool which was a big hit.
  • Other highlights included going to small group, starting our mornings with books on the balcony, buying plants, harvesting tomatoes and SJ wearing her new rucksack all the time.

How has your last week been?

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