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Friday photos + words // A week in my Life 2023

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It’s Friday! Today was a pretty good day.

The morning

The morning was pretty standard. We woke up around 7 am and Edd got up with SJ and I stayed in bed for another 15 minutes or so. I got up, aired out the flat, made the beds and wrote a quick list of stuff I needed to get done. I put on a podcast and emptied the dishwasher. Afterwards I did my physio exercised for about 10 minutes.

Today was a hairwashing day for me. Once I finished showering, drying my hair, getting dressed and doing my make up I made myself some breakfast. I am really into oats right now. I added some chia seeds, pear, soy yogurt and a bit of almnd butter. Delicious!

I then did a bit of journaling before getting my stuff together to head out the door.

9:15 // errands + meetings

At quarter past nine, I met my mum at her car and we went grocery shopping. Then we headed to a meeting from a group my mum volunteers with. I was helping them with a few question concerning PR stuff. I don’t know how helpful I was but I really enjoyed participating! From there, we drove to SJs nursery to pick her up.


At home I put her down for her nap and had some lunch. During it I listened to an article about AI. It was very interesting. I afterwards created an account for ChatGPT and played around a bit. I am concerend about the rapid development of AI and what it could mean for how we live and interact with one another but I also find it absolutely fascinating.

2 pm // Rest, Bible Study, Laundry

Originally I had wanted to take today as a bit of a reset day. My goal had been to use SJs naptime to tidy and dust and scrub the bathroom. That did not happen! I was feeling extremely tired and had NO energy. So I drank some coffee, had some Easter chocolate and started one of the Bible studies that arrived in the mail yesterday from Daily Grace Co. It definitely was a naptime well spent.

And I still had enough time to fold all the laundry before SJ woke up! So that worked out really well. I normally put on an audio book or a podcast while doing tasks like folding laundry. However, today I felt like I had already taken in a lot of information. More and more, I discover how valuable it is to also ruminate on ideas rather than already filling my mind with the next thing. So, instead of consuming more information based content I just put on some worship music.

3:30 pm // playtime

Once SJ had woken up I made her a snack (which she had no interst in) and then we headedt to the park. The weather was not great but it was good to be outside! I know that many parents do not love spending time on playgrounds but I really enjoy it.

When we got back home, SJ rode on her bike for a bit and used the swing in my parents garden. Back inside, I made her some dinner and then Edd got her bath ready. I packed my bag and got ready to leave.


A few months ago I started attending my parents small group in Basel and I have really been enjoying it. It’s a group of some really great people and we always have very interesting and ecnouraging conversations.

7 pm // small group

So, this evening my mum and I cycled to Basel to go to the small group. We had a great evening togehter, eating dinner, catching up with one another and discussing different aspects of taking communion.

And that was my Friday!

Now the Friday is basically over. My eyes are more or less closing while typing these lines, so I am going to head to bed veeery quickly now. I hope you enjoyed coming along with me on a pretty normal Friday in my life.

This is Day 60 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by reading this post. If you want to do your own 100 day Project, I would recommend checking out the 100 Day Project website.

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