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February. A review.

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Last week I published a post about how I set goals and work towards them. What helps me immensly is to break bigger projects down to smaller steps and to evaluate regularly. I do this by setting monthly goals. Before deciding what to focus on over the next 30 days, I recap the previous month. In my february review I think through what worked well, what made me feel good and where things didn’t go as I had hoped and why.

Equally, I believe that gratitude so often is a conscious choice. Our human brains seem to naturally focus on negative things, our failures and all our unchecked to do list items. Taking time to celebrate the good has been a very valuable practice for me

My february review

February was a good month. I got a lot more sleep than in the month before which left me feeling very energised. Also, there were only two days where SJ had to stay home from nursery due to illness, so there were no unforseen, sudden changes to my plans.

Daily and weekly goal progress:

  • I read 7 books (if you like, you can follow me on goodreads)
  • Including this one, I published 7 blog posts
  • As detailed in yesterday’s post, I planted some vegetable seeds for our garden!
  • The weather was pretty mild and nice for quite a few days and I met up with a number of friends and our little ones at playgrounds which was lovely
  • I managed to go swimming three times

Daily goals:

There are a number of things I am trying to do as regularly as possible, ideally every day. In my bullet journal I use a habit tracker to mark how I am faring. Colouring in those little boxes is also weirdly motivating for me!

Habits I am trying to form:

  • My physio therapist gave me a number of exercises that I should do as often as possible. I did them on 12 out of 27 days. Not ideal, but better than nothing!
  • As SJ still wakes up quite frequently in the night and then sometimes keeps me up for a couple of hours I am trying to get a headstart on sleep and head to bed no later than 10:30 pm. This I managed 13 out of 26 days, so basically every other day. Again, could be better but could also be worse!
  • I have a little moring routine which I will talk more about later. My hope would to do it everyday, this month I managed 17 out of 27 days. More than half at least!
  • On 19 out of 26 days I practiced piano. I am pretty happy with that!
  • A while ago I discovered intermittent fasting and I am a big fan! Not only does it help me to maintain my weight, I also find that my digestion is much better with it. In Febraury I managed to restrict my eating hours on 16 out of 27 days.
  • Knitting brings me a lot of joy but it is one of those non-essential things that I can easily put on the backburner. However, I am trying to be diligent about doing things that help me recharge. I knitted on 19 out of 26 days.
  • Finally, similarly to knitting I am trying to prioritise reading time. I read most days, on 21 out of 26 days.
February goal review

Hello, March

Most of my monthly, weekly and daily goals will remain the same as they have been in February. The big addition is my 100 day project – I want to write everyday. In order to have room for that I might have to ease up on something else. There is a season for everything, and right now it is the season for writing for me!

February review in summary

This is a pretty detailed breakdown of how I did on my goals during February. It might bore you – if that’s the case, I am sorry! In summary, this month went pretty well in terms of working towards my goals. Nowhere near perfect, but I am happy with the direction I am going in.

I am finding it hugely inspiring to see how other people go after what they feel God asked them to do. So I hope my february review is intersting and encouraging to you. Close-up one day or one month might not seem to matter so much, but they all add up to something. And it all matters.

I would love to hear about your goals and intentions and how you run after your dreams. Feel free to leave a comment under here or head over to this Instagram post and tell me about your plans.

This is Day 7 of my 100 Day Project. You can learn more about my 100 day project by readingĀ this post.

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