Dopamine detox, lots of cake and some gardening // weekly journal vol. 6

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Monday 21:38

Monday! A new week! If I had slept more I probably would’ve felt motivated to do all sorts of things today but seeing that I haven’t I was not motivated to do anything.

Honestly, I don’t even remember what I did most of today. L was very unhappy, so I spent a lot of time rocking and singing to a screaming baby and consoling SJ who got a bit overwhelmed by all the screaming which is understandable. According to my baby app L is in the fussy phase of her developmental leap and it will last for another 32 days. I mean – what?! Please pray for me…

How we start most days.

Tuesday 22:03

Today was a much better day than yesterday. We had a relatively good night which makes everything easier. SJ was at nursery in the morning, I tidied, did some admin, played lots with L, cleaned our balcony furniture, cooked some food and ate lunch outside.

My mum came with us to pick SJ up from nursery. We went to a garden shop to buy some plants- I got a variety of vegetable plants. Hopefully tomorrow or the day after I will have some time to get them into my garden beds outside!

We then had coffee and cake on my parents balcony. SJ played outside at theirs while I put L down for a nap. SJ and I then had some dinner and a shower and then it was time to get the girls to bed.

I spent the evening knitting and listening to season 4 of Serial. It’s an investigative podcast about Guantanamo Bay prison. It’s pretty shocking actually.

Now I will get ready for bed!

Wednesday 9:45

Last night L woke up 5 times and SJ twice and I feel like I didn’t sleep at all… I am lying in bed now trying to nap while the baby naps but napping is hard for me. If I already miss out on utilising the night for sleep I don’t also want to miss out on utilising the day to be awake, to do things. I love the baby stage but not sleeping enough all the time feels a bit like torture.

Thursday 8:34

Yesterday I decided to take a bit of a break from social media and blogging. I feel so exhausted these days. Blogging is definitely life-giving to me but I think having a week off from my self-inflicted deadlines is needed.

As I am still writing these journal entries, I probably will publish them despite my break, mostly for my own records.

In many ways, my blog is a bit of a digital scrapbook where I preserve memories of what I did, thought and felt.

This is great! However, I would like it to be more than that. I want to evolve my writing and produce content that serves, helps, encourages and inspires people.

We went to the family centre today and had a great time hanging out with friends and each other.

Friday 19:04

I am currently sat at SJs bed watching her fall asleep and it feels like my heart might explode – I just love her so much. I hope and pray that I do right by her, that I manage to be kind and fair. That I help her grow and become independent and prepared for life’s challenges but am always her safe spot she can come to. To be entrusted with the lives of these kids is absolutely wild. Oh, Lord have mercy on me in all my imperfection.

Sunday 19:30

We had a lovely weekend. Yesterday morning Edd came home from England. It‘s so good to have him back!

This morning we were over at my parents for some coffee and cake. In the afternoon we visited some very good friends for more coffee and cake. They also have two girls pretty much the same age as SJ and LH. The weather was lovely and we spent lots of time outside, jumping on the trampoline and talking about this new life stage. It was just a really life-giving time.

Today was also Day 4 of my social media break and it’s been really good so far. Also shocking how often I try to check Instagram and then realise the app is not there to do so… Once I am back online, I will probably do a post with more thoughts and reflections.

I am really enjoying the practice of writing these journal entries and decided to still publish these on the blog, but I won’t post about it on social media or check my stats. This is just for my own joy!

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