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I believe that creativity is not just something for people who are “artsy”. It is part of who we are as humans. I always knew this in the back of my head but recently I experienced what a difference it makes to choose to implement creativity into my life more.


A few weeks ago, I applied for a job that I really wanted. From the job description, I felt like the perfect candidate. My application was shortlisted and I was invited to an interview. I was very nervous and during the interview I realised that I am terrible at selling myself. That evening I got a call that my application was unsuccessful. I was disappointed.


The next day, I ‘cheered myself up’ and watched half of the first series of Riverdale. It’s a great show. But actually, it did not make me feel better at all. If anything, it made me worse. I felt silly watching other people’s exciting lives and my life felt so small and insignificant.


So I decided to ban myself from Netflix. Instead, I put on a podcast and picked up my knitting. And despite not really moving from the sofa all day, when the evening rolled around I felt incredibly content.

We are created to create

In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, the story of creation is told. It says that God made humans in His image, in His likeness (Genesis 1:26). If we are made in the likeness of the creator – surely it has to mean that we have something in us that is creative. As creative beings we need to make, bring about and form things.


In our society today, there are endless opportunities to consume. Our smartphones contain apps to watch videos, read books, blogs and articles, play games and listen to podcasts and music. We never have to be bored for another second. Do not get me wrong, I think modern technology brings many advantages and I love using my kindle app on my phone when I am waiting for a bus or to check my emails when I am queuing at my local coffee shop.

Consumption vs. Creativity

However, with all these opportunities to consume the necessity to create and make things ourselves shrinks. It sometimes completely slips my mind, that I could use my time to play guitar, knit, draw, craft, bake or write.


Reading amazing blogs and seeing beautiful pictures of people’s creations in the kitchen or latest knitting projects sometimes can also make me feel like my skills are not good enough. But if it is part of my identity as a human being, it really should not matter if I am ‘good’ at something or not. I should just do it to express my humanity, my feelings, my passions.

Deep down I know this to be true. Because when I make things, I feel fulfilled, happy and full of purpose. I feel human.


This is why I feel I must make creativity a priority in my life. To tune out all the distractions. To sit in silence. Listen to what the creator wants me to make. To use my hands, my imagination and just dream and try out.


I am created to create. And so are you. I would love to hear what creative projects you are working on at the moment. How do you make sure you don’t get put off being creative by all the available distractions? Let me know in the comments below!


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  • Reply Tristen 19 January 2018 at 12:05 am

    Britta, you should know that I’m falling in love with your blog and your beautiful soul that shines through it. I can’t wait to keep reading! This post especially makes me want to salute you with my tea and say “yesss gurl.” Maybe because you asked what creative project I’m working on right now – it happens to be a book on the definition of art and finding your identity as an artist. But you summed so much up by saying we are created in a Creator’s image, it’s only natural for us to feel fulfilled while we create. Having a consumer’s mindset is one of my biggest struggles. I say I’m looking for “inspiration” 😉 I’d love to know – what is your favorite thing to create? The process you just get lost in too easily?

    • Reply Britta 21 January 2018 at 8:40 pm

      Oh this comment literally made my day! Thanks so much for your kind words!
      At the moment my favourite creative activity is probably knitting. I am pretty busy with work and uni and it is so easy to pick up after a long day. And writing of course – that’s why I have this little blog.
      I would love to dedicate more time to sewing and photography and potentially learn how to make stop motion videos.
      What about you? 🙂

    I love hearing from you