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Creative projects – April 2024

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It has been a little while since I have shared an update on the creative projects I am working on! For a while now I have been on a pretty big knitting high. Especially during pregnancy when I was in pain and couldn’t do much it was so nice to feel like I was achieving something, even if it was just that the leg of the sock I was knitting grew a bit that day.

I haven’t been doing much sewing lately, I just lacked the energy and time for it. But with the arrival of spring weather I have really felt the urge to sew a summer garment and yesterday I cut out a project! More on that later.

I usually knit and sew clothes for myself. Being postpartum is making it kind of tricky. I still weigh a bit more than I did before my pregnancy. I kind of expect to return to that weight as the summer goes on but equally don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. Either way – I don’t want to spend lots of time, money and effort on making a garment that won’t fit me long-term. This is kind of a limiting factor right now and makes me a bit frustrated, too.

Finished projects

Let’s start with a few things I finished recently.

A quick beanie

This is not such a recent make but I haven’t shared it before, so here we go!

I made a whole bunch of these as Christmas presents last year. As they were quite the crowd pleaser I decided to sew up another one for a Secret Santa gift exchange we did in our small group.

Baby Cardigan

I got gifted some baby merino yarn a while ago and wanted to use it. I searched for a project that required about the amount of yarn that I had and found the “Fridas Schlüttli” pattern.

It was lovely to knit and it took me around 2 – 3 weeks to finish knitting it. (However, I then procrastinated sewing on buttons for at least another week or two…)

It turned out lovely! And we then ended up having a girl, so L can wear it once she is a bit bigger.

A quilted baby blanket

When I was pregnant with SJ I made her a little quilted blanket and decided to do the same for baby L.

I started making it last October and finished just before my due date in January. (Not that it would have mattered if I had taken a bit longer, as L arrived 10 days late…!)

I would love to make more quilts in the future, I really enjoy the process of pairing the different fabrics the repetitive steps of cutting and sewing. A bit more of an intricate design would be cool to try.

For now, I am super happy to have a cute little quilted blanket for each of my children!

Ogee socks

A few weeks before I was due I applied to be a test-knitter for Emma (also known as @thenewyorkyear). It has been a while since I test-knit a design but I really enjoyed the process and the socks were such a joy to knit.

And they turned out so beautiful. I gave them to a lovely friend of mine as a thank you for her wonderful birth preparation classes. (If you are currently pregnant, I’d highly recommend checking out her courses!)

Two bearly bonnets

I made the “Bearly Bonnet” a little while ago in the 0-3 month old size. SJ was super into this little hat and whenever she then saw me knitting she asked whether I was making her a hat with ears as well.

So, of course I cast on a hat for her as well. I used the “Big bearly bonnet” pattern but made quite a few modifications, as the pattern only goes up to 2 years old, and SJ is a very tall nearly three year old. I also used a thicker yarn.

It was a very satisfying knit, using up some stash yarn and making my daughter very happy!

Works in progress

Okay, those were all the things I finished recently. Here’s what I am currently working on:

The Hyldebær Shawl

I haven’t worked a ton on this shawl lately but I am very keen to get back to it. This is actually my second attempt at knitting this beautiful design. I ripped out my first project as I was quite unhappy with my yarn choice. However, I am rather excited about how this is turning out now!

I finished the body of the shawl and am now working on the attached border. It has a beautiful lace motif on it that is very interesting to knit but requires a lot of concentration. Which is why this project hasn’t received a lot of attention lately.

The Copenhagen Cardigan

I looove this project! The Copenhagen Cardigan is a design by PetiteKnit. I am making it in the size XL in this gorgeous dark red-purple lambs wool. It’s super soft and knits up beautifully.

I have put the body on hold to knit the sleeves first and then use the remaining yarn to add length to the body. I am really excited to wear it once it is done.

Another Goldkind Romper

Lots of my friends are having babies right now and I am hoping to hand-make something for each of them.

I cast on a Goldkind Romper in the second size on the weekend. I am meeting my friend and her new baby this Friday so I have two days left to finish it – we shall see! There is quite a lot left to do.

The Hinterland dress

I am on a mission to use up a bit of the fabrics and yarn that I have in my stash right now. The other day I looked through my sewing drawer and found this beautiful red linen that I bought last year.

I had two metres and struggled to find a dress or summer pants pattern that required that amount of fabric. However, I managed to cut out a sleeveless Hinterland dress minus the facings, I am just going to use bias tape instead.

I am very excited to start sewing!

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