April favourites and May goals. With a free desktop calendar
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April favourites and May goals (plus free May desktop calendar)

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Honestly, April was a tough month. I felt kind of tired and just a quite low. Not in a way that anyone should worry about me but just in a way that everyone experiences once in a while. The problem is, we are bombarded with messages every day that tell us that life is about being happy and that if we do things right, we will experience happiness. And I think that is just complete and utter bulls***. Life is made up of good and bad experiences. Times of happiness and times of sadness. If someone tells you they have the recipe for lasting happiness they are lying to you.

However, I do believe that we can get to a place where we have lasting peace. And I think the only place to find that is in knowing Jesus. And out of that peace and the knowledge that I am loved and safe I experience contentment and gratitude.

That is why every month I share my favourite things, because no matter how bad things get, if we look close enough there is still a lot to give thanks for, even in the midst of chaos. They might seem small and insignificant but if I find one small thing each day that excites me, my life is so much richer. So here it goes.


I recently bought this coconut yogurt by the coconut collaborative for the first time as it was on offer and in many ways, it was a mistake because all I can think of now is this yogurt for £3 a tub. It tastes amazingly delicious, it has probiotics in it and tastes like ‘real’ yogurt. I am so obsessed.

Coconut Collaborative yogurt is amazing.


Edd and I read a book about marriage together by Francis and Lisa Chan called ‘You and me forever’. It was amazing and I would recommend it to both singles and couples alike. So much wisdom in there. It is the kind of book that makes you want to live a bigger life. At the end of each chapters there are some questions for reflection and it really helped guide our discussions and thoughts about the different topics and I would say that we really benefited from reading this in our relationship. Really recommend this book!

Lisa and Francis Chan: You and me forever


I have really been loving a band called ‘Oh wonder’. Their music is perfect for these warmer days and going to the gym. Especially this song, “Ultralife” is such a mood booster.


I have bought a few new make-up items by nyx – they are a make-up brand that don’t test on animals which I am quite excited about. I am especially in love with all of their lip products and this month I got their highlighter palette which I like but haven’t used enough to give a proper review of.


Edd and I have become aunt and uncle 3 weeks ago! My brother and his wife had a little baby boy and I am over the moon and so excited to go and meet him. (Flying out to Germany tomorrow!)


I know this is quite late but I have recently discovered Casey Neistat. I think he is just out of this world. What a talented and genuinely nice guy. I love all of his little movies and feel so inspired to be creative and make stuff whenever I hear him talk or enjoy his art.

Goals for May:

I am still in the middle of my 100 Day Project (follow me on Instagram to read my daily musings). It is tough but going well so far. My goal is to keep going with that (I am one quarter down, so 75 days more to go). Other than that, I want to use my time in Germany to re-think my routine and find a way of mixing things up a bit to regain some motivation and energy.


What are your goals for this upcoming month?


Free May Desktop Calendar

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  • Reply Britt 11 May 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Britta, your site is GORGEOUS!! Currently playing your song suggestion and loving it! More song suggestions, please?! My goals for this month are to improve my swimming technique and connect with more Blogin Boss Babes!! 🙂

    • Reply Britta 14 May 2017 at 6:15 pm

      Oh thank you so much, you are so kind!
      Yes, I definitely want to connect with some more blog boss babes as well, blogging friends are amazing 🙂

    I love hearing from you