A little Friday encouragement

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My good friend Yas is visiting us from the UK right now and we are having a lovely time together.

Yas and I met during my second year of uni. My first year in England was hard and a bit lonely. I prayed hard that God would send someone my way who would become a really good friend.

And he did! Those uni days of hanging out together at the pub, talking about books and God and philosophy were so precious.

This is 12 years ago now. We don’t get to see each other very often these days but our friendship remains. We still have the best conversations and she never ceases to inspire and encourage me.

And here’s my encouragement to you: Our heavenly Father loves to give us good gifts. He hears our prayers.

If you would like to have someone to pray with or for you – I am happy to be that person. Just leave a comment or send me an email or message me on Instagram.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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