Vegan travel guide to Venice
Sustainable Living

Vegan in Venice

Are you planning on traveling to Venice but are unsure how to survive there as a vegan? Italy is famous for its Pizza, ham and Latte Macchiatos, so your doubts about its vegan-friendliness are justified. However, I just spent 4 days in Venice and have discovered some hidden gems (I am talking Pizza with vegan cheese!) and have a few tips and tricks for you how to enjoy yourself as a vegan in Venice!

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10 steps toward setting goals and how to reach them
Goal setting & Productivity

10 steps to reaching your goals in 2018

Happy new year! I love the fact that today is the first day of a new year and it is Monday – what other day would be better suited to get motivated and set some goals?! You might be sick of people talking about new year’s resolutions by now. And let’s be honest – who actually lost all that weight they said they would 12 months ago? But this post is all about showing that it is possible to reach your goals. 

For a long time I came up with a long list of things I wanted to change, do better, do differently and never did. I felt so inspired in this last week of December to jump into “the best year yet” and a month later all would be the same as it had been. Since those days I have learned a lot about goal setting and how actually work toward the things we want to achieve. And today I want to share my best tips on how to set and reach your goals in 2018!

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Mission Statement - Bright and Bold Life
Blogging, Creativity

My mission statement

I am back! And look how pretty my blog now looks. Yellow is my favourite colour so this feels much more like me. Also, I wrote a mission statement for my blog. I call it mission statement for lack of a better word and I guess, despite sounding a bit too grand, it fits.

I wanted to take some time and figure out what the focus of this blog is – how it will serve you as the readers and me as the writer and how it can connect us.

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