Unlock your creativity

Creativity is our calling

I believe that creativity is not just something for people who are “artsy”. It is part of who we are as humans. I always knew this in the back of my head but recently I experienced what a difference it makes to choose to implement creativity into my life more.


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The most useful resources for your blog

The only blogging resources you’ll ever need

Have you been thinking about starting a blog but are not quite sure where to get started? Or what platform to use? Or which resources you really need?


I have been getting a fair few questions lately regarding blogging. I am by no means an expert when it comes to blogging but I have some experience and just thought I did a little post sharing some of the things I have used and am using.


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.


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My blog turns one - what I have learned

My blog turns 1 today! What I learned in the last year

It is my one year blog anniversary today! (Insert all the happy dance emojis here.)

One year ago today, I launched my blog: The Bright and Bold Life. I had many ideas, plans and goals and was bursting with excitement as I hit publish on that very first blog post.

However, even though I had thought about my blog a lot and had spend much time designing the way it looks, I didn’t really prepare for the day to day running of the blog. And due to this I ended up not reaching many of my goals.

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Autumn - the season of new beginnings

Autumn – the season for new beginnings

For some reason, maybe it is still this conditioning from school and uni days, autumn always brings this sense of a fresh start for me. The last few weeks were filled with revision and writing exams and very little time for anything else. As mentioned in a previous post, I therefore took a little break from the blog. I just was not capable of spending another minute staring into a screen and forming comprehensive thoughts. However, now it is autumn and exams are over! I am so excited to be posting more regularly and to interact with all you lovely people.

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5 things I am grateful for

July was a bit crazy. I flew back from Germany on the first day of the month spent exactly four weeks at home in Blackpool and then flew back to Germany. In those four weeks we had a lot of stuff going on, people coming over to visit, we bought a car, I started a new job, wrote assignments and started doing my revision for my exams (I feel like I talk about nothing but revision these days, it’s getting kind of boring). Life is still very busy, but I just really missed this space and felt like writing, so here we are.

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