5 things I am grateful for

July was a bit crazy. I flew back from Germany on the first day of the month spent exactly four weeks at home in Blackpool and then flew back to Germany. In those four weeks we had a lot of stuff going on, people coming over to visit, we bought a car, I started a new job, wrote assignments and started doing my revision for my exams (I feel like I talk about nothing but revision these days, it’s getting kind of boring). Life is still very busy, but I just really missed this space and felt like writing, so here we are.

I find it super easy to get moody when I am busy. And I pity myself and get very dramatic about my to do list. In these moments  it really helps me to reflect on all the wonderful things in my life. And really, I need to get a grip. I love being at university. I love learning. Heck, I even kind of like revising. Just the part of spending my days at a desk all day is a bit annoying. But other than that, life is actually pretty good right now. So, this list is just an expression of me changing my attitude (after all, no one is forcing me to study).

Five things I am grateful for right now (in no particular order):

  1. That my parents never re-decorated my old room at their house. I love this light flooded room with the most comfortable bed and this massive desk where I used to do my homework for school and know sit and do my work for uni.
  2. Going swimming. I love being in the water. It makes me happy. This month I went swimming twice and both times people mentioned that my form is pretty good, which I found extremely motivating.
  3. My little nephew. He is such a wonderful little boy and spreads so much joy.
  4. Eating lots of snacks in my study breaks.
  5. The fact that it is only one more week until my husband joins me over here and we can hopefully do lots of fun things like hiking and exploring new places and eating lots of food (just normal holiday things).
5 things I am grateful for

(here’s a photo of what I look like when studying. I should probably comb my hair.)

What are you grateful for these days?






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