Hi. I am Britta.


As I am writing this I am 25 years old, but my next birthday is only two weeks away (i.e. I am nearly 26).

I was born in Germany and lived there until I graduated from high school.

I then moved to Lancaster in England, got a Bachelors degree, fell in love, and got married.

Now my husband Edd and I live in a beautiful (in its own way) seaside town called Blackpool. We moved here to be part of a new church (read more about this here). In our free time we love going to various coffeeshops, reading books, discussing theology and politics, and telling each other our favourite jokes. We love hanging out with friends and family and to explore new places.

When I have some time to myself I love to cook, write, read, knit or work out. I am a very passionate runner, and this November I will be running my second half marathon. I am hoping to share some of my favourite recipes with you, review the latest books that I have read, showcase all my knitted and crafted creations and share my best workout tips.

Edd is a University lecturer and is doing a PhD (he is very clever) and I work part-time as a project manager for a consultancy firm and study a MSc in Sustainable Development. In my studies I look primarily at the impacts of climate change on the economies and societies in developing countries. I could elaborate on this a lot more in a nutshell: climate change is really bad for poor people. It is bad for all of us (definitely in the long term), but the livelihoods of people living in poorer nations are affected in a much greater way as they are more vulnerable to the consequences of floods, droughts and severe weather events.

This is greatly unjust. Industrialised nations are responsible for the greatest part of historic and current CO2 emissions but others are suffering the consequences.

I don’t want to be part of this injustice.

I really believe that together we are able to change our world to the better. I want to inspire and be inspired to live a life that causes minimal harm to our planet and the people living on it but instead live a life that spreads hope and positivity.

Come with me on this journey and let’s explore how to be authentic, bold and hopeful.