Live boldly

I want to quit quitting.

I consider myself to be a fairly self-reflected person. However, rather embarrassingly, up until very recently I never knew what to say when asked the question: “What is your greatest weakness?”

This is not because some sense of overconfidence (so she says) but because I am ‘okay’ at most things.

I have friends who are ridiculously talented in one area and really suck at another. (But it’s okay to suck because you have the other thing to compensate with.)

I have no ‘one thing’ that I am super passionate about and extremely good at.

Instead, I have about 25 things that I am fairly passionate about and fairly good at. I like to write, to cook, to sing, to play guitar, to knit, sew and crochet, I like numbers and people and science and humanities.

But therein lies my weakness: I always have to many balls in the air and usually drop most of them sooner or later. I find it really difficult to decide what to spend my time and efforts on between all of the things that I love and then to stick with that decision. Also, I have a tendency to start a new project without having finished the previous one. I am easily excitable and easily distracted.

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