A life lesson that changed my perspective on everything

    If you follow me on instagram you might have read as to why I have been so quiet these last few weeks. I could say that I have been busy (which I have) but that is not the actual reason. Sometimes I doubt myself. I look at what I do and I am very critical. I compare it to what others do and fall short of their talent, ideas and originality. I feel like I have nothing to say, nothing meaningful to add.

    Thoughts like that are an absolute killer for any creativity. I once read that procrastination is a symptom of fear. We rather not do the thing we’re meant to do than to fail. That’s why we push it to the next day and to the next week, to the next year. But this blog has the title ‘bright and bold’ – because I want to be a light and because I want to be bold. I want to do things despite my fears. Because that is bravery, that is boldness. So today I chose to post a picture to instagram despite the fact that it did not fit with a colour scheme (or whatever people say you should do on instagram) and I wrote down my thoughts in the caption and I clicked ‘post’ even though I wasn’t confident. And now I am sitting here and choosing to write. Because I love it. And God gave me passion and talents not so that they depress me but so that I and others can enjoy them.

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