Do you sometimes wonder whether caring for the environment is over-rated? Or would you like to do more, but feel overwhelmed? This post explains why caring for the environment is essential if you care about poverty and outlines some easy ways on how to be more eco-friendly.
Sustainable Living

Why and how you should care for the environment

Caring for the environment has become very trendy. “Sustainable” is the buzzword of the decade and more and more people are becoming interested in organising their lives in a greener way.

You might wonder why caring for the environment is so important to people. Yes, nature is lovely and it would be a shame to destroy it all. But changing your life in order to save a couple of trees might seem a bit unnecessary to you.

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How to pray - using the Lord's Prayer as a guide for your personal prayer life

How to pray – nurture a deeper connection with Jesus

Do you pray? As a Christian, I believe that God is alive and that he listens and speaks. Prayer is at the heart of being a Christian. Put simply, prayer just means to “hang out with God”, to have communion and relationship with Him. However, prayer is also something that many of us struggle with. In my mission statement, I mentioned that I want to use this space to talk more about just that: how we can make time and space in our lives to re-charge and connect more and deeper with Jesus.

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