Mission Statement - Bright and Bold Life

My mission statement

I am back! And look how pretty my blog now looks. Yellow is my favourite colour so this feels much more like me. Also, I wrote a mission statement for my blog. I call it mission statement for lack of a better word and I guess, despite sounding a bit too grand, it fits.

I wanted to take some time and figure out what the focus of this blog is – how it will serve you as the readers and me as the writer and how it can connect us.

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2018 – get ready for a great year

Have you started thinking about the 2018 yet? I am in full goal-setting, getting ready for 2018 mode. We have just moved to new house. Physical change always motivates me to establish some new habits, re-evaluate how I spend my time and what I want to achieve.

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A budget friendly soup flavoured with chilli flakes and coconut milk, perfect to warm up with after a long winter walk

Easy, delicious, vegan pumpkin soup

Autumn and winter are definitely the time where I crave soup! This pumpkin soup is the perfect meal after a cold wintery walk or a long day at work. It is warming and filling and super delicious at the same time!

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Life Update Vol. 1

…these days our belongings are either all over the floor or in moving boxes. It’s exciting to move house but I am not a fan of the packing part. I don’t even like to pack one bag to go on holiday so the concept of packing EVERYTHING is a bit like torture to me.

…these days I am feeling more and more convinced that becoming a minimalist is the right thing to do.

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A round-up of my current creative endeavours. I am not a naturally arty person or super talented but I enjoy making stuff. So I do. I would love to see what you're creating too!

Creative Projects – Fall & Winter 2017

In my last post I asked you what creative projects you are currently working on. In this post I am showing you some of my current endeavours! Now the colder seasons have commenced it is high time for all things crafty. Nothing better than to put on an audio book or some relaxed music and dive into some creative projects. Here’s a little round-up of what I have been up to lately.

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